In Defense of Binary Choice in Video Games

In late 2018, I had the wonderful opportunity to curate a body of writing about one of my favorite video game series of all time, Mass Effect, for Critical Distance, a site invested in bringing forward the best writing about games available on the internet today. Over the course of creating this body of works, I read well […]

How Cuphead Made Me a Better Teacher

While my social media presence may beg to differ, I do more than play video games and watch superhero movies and then write about them. In my off-time from the blogosphere, I’m a graduate student, writing articles that are equally as fun but much, MUCH different than what I do here. As the infrequency of […]


So, I’ve been hinting for a while that big things are coming, and here they are! My NEW PODCAST, Nerds With Friends! For this podcast, I’ve gathered a group of friends and each episode we’ll talk about various pop culture topics. This time we tackled the dicey topic of Disney remakes. This was a ton […]

How to Make a Good Marvel Game

In my life, I have two great loves: Video games and Marvel superheroes. Both of these things bring me great joy, and when they come together, my soul ascends from its corporeal shell and I become a being of pure light, at one with the universe. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it makes me […]

I Owe Everything to Indiana Jones

I am, one could say, a driven individual. I’ve always done fairly well in school, and I’m currently enrolled in a PhD program; if all goes according to plan, in a couple years I’ll officially be Dr. Kostopolus and be a kickass professor somewhere, teaching the youth and finally being able to afford a wine-of-the-month […]