The Catnip Dispatch: Cats Review Human Media

Alright, folks, I have officially lost it. I sleep a lot, eat exclusively comfort food, and have run out of smart things to say about anything, which is bad because I’m supposed to be writing a dissertation. So this week I thought I’d lean into the absurdity of existence, and get an outsider’s perspective: My […]

Oh, to Be a Tiny Dragon…:Completing the Spyro Trilogy

So, its been over a month, and my life is still subsumed by Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal. I’ll admit to playing through both very slowly. I clock about an hour of Animal Crossing every day, so progress on my island is incredibly slow: I’m only on my fourth home expansion, and I haven’t unlocked terraforming. Doom is even slower, since I […]

Me and Guy Fieri Dreaming of Flavortown

I haven’t been playing a lot of video games lately. I also haven’t been watching a lot of movies by my normal standards. This is weird, because I love both of those things. But as we stretch into two full months of me working remotely, I’ve been struggling a bit with keeping up my normal […]

Bad Horror Q1 2020: A Celebration

So, before the world shut down indefinitely, I used to go to the movies like three times a week. I love movies and movie theaters: the darkness, the comfy seat, the popcorn… And even though I watch every movie with a “yes” in my heart, there’s one genre that holds particular allure for me, that […]

Doom Eternal is a Better Comfort Game than Animal Crossing

So, the world as we know it is going through some pretty significant disruption at the moment, and last week I released a quick blog post about some comforting games you could play. After I wrote that post, two very significant AAA titles were released: Animal Crossing New Horizons and Doom Eternal. If your Twitter feed is anything […]

Games to Play Right Now

Hey, everyone. So I just got the news that they’ve moved my campus entirely online for the rest of the semester, so I’ve been working on getting the classes I teach moved over to a digital platform and transitioning to remote work at my administrative writing center job. It’s a lot, but we’re making due. […]