A Star Wars Confessional

I am not a very knowledgeable Star Wars fan. This is by design. As a fresh young undergrad, I had seen all six extant films, but only once apiece. I barely remember anything about episodes 1-3, because I was five when Phantom Menace came out, and my parents weren’t big enough fans to necessitate trips to the theater for […]

Why I Refuse to Git Gud at Smash

Lo these many years ago, in the fabled darkness of the year 2001, my parents gave me a great gift: Super Smash Bros Melee for the GameCube. Having in my youth few friends with which to share this joyous bounty, I remember spending hours upon hours using the settings to concoct elaborate scenarios for the […]

Itsy Bitsy Spider-Cop

I’ll admit, I was late to the Spider-Man hype train: though I watched the Sam Raimi movies as a kid, and gave Andrew Garfield a faithful try when he was handed the cowl, and even truly appreciate the youth that Tom Holland brings to the role (and I AM a massive MCU fan), Spidey was […]